Reassessment of Rapa whelk shells and an innovative roadmap for industrial applications

Reassessment of Rapa whelk shells




Rapa whelk, shells, aragonite, FT-IR, SEM, x-ray, pHPZC


This study aims to determine the industrial and economic potential of Rapa whelk (Rapana venosa) shells as an economic product using characterization methods. Methods such as Zero Charge Point (pHPZC), FT-IR analysis, scanning electron microscopy (SEM) images, EDS analysis, and X-ray diffraction analyses were employed. The results indicate that the pHPZC of Rapa whelk shells is 8.35, suggesting their surfaces will be electrically neutral at pH 8.35. X-ray diffraction analyses revealed that the main building material of the shells is aragonite-structured calcium carbonate (CaCO3). SEM and EDS analyses demonstrated that the main components of the shells are carbon (C), calcium (Ca), and oxygen (O), with low levels of protein. FT-IR analyses confirmed the presence of CO3-2 vibration bands at 1407 cm-1, indicating that the shells are primarily composed of CaCO3. These characterization methods provide essential information for evaluating the potential of Rapa whelk shells as an economic product. This study will significantly contribute to the sustainable utilization and industrial valorization of marine resources by understanding material's surface chemistry and interaction mechanisms.


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